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  1. Expertise
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Innovative solutions

When clients come to us, they seek to deliver results that they have not yet been able to achieve. We thrive at tackling our clients’ most difficult challenges with creativity, and savvy workmanship. With skills and experience across a unique range of manufacturing capabilities, the advantage we provide lies in our ability to combine disciplines, see things from fresh perspectives, take a radical approach to problem solving and see processes through to the end. Our processes enable us to consistently deliver quality results with optimal speed and efficiency. Here’s how.

360 degree solutions,
from concept to realisation

With more than 30 years’ experience in packaging and providing industrial solutions, Precision covers the entire value chain as a one-stop-shop, from product design and development, to mould prototyping and tool development, through to component production and delivery.

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Providing a flexible supply chain

Some of our products are made to hold fresh and perishable foods such as milk, dairy products, juice and eggs. It is therefore critical that packaging deliveries take place on time. Our fleet of modern delivery vehicles ensure that materials are delivered according to agreed schedules, and in immaculate, hygenic condition.

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Quality products and services

Our clients are leading corporations in their industry of operation. Quality is paramount to assure the success of our clients’ brands. At Precision, quality assurance is our first and most important commitment to our clients.

Quality assurance requires high standards at every stage of the design and manufacturing process. Beginning with the skill and dedication of our employees to design and manufacture, to the sourcing of raw materials and the very best technology for our production facilities, Precision is able to ensure unmatched quality at all times.

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